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Dear Colleagues,
I am pleased to announce that it is that time of year again to recruit mentors for New Jersey law students, who have expressed an interest in being mentored by our esteemed members.  This year we have received over 50 applications from students anxious to be matched with mentors, due in large measure to the positive feedback received by them from past mentees about the productive experiences they received from the program and their respective mentors.  To that end, please take a moment to fill out and return the attached Mentor Application so that you can be paired up with a deserving law student.
As you know, the HBA-NJ’s Mentorship Program matches Latino law students with Latino legal professionals from some of the top New Jersey law firms, legal departments, government agencies and public interest organizations to foster relationships between them to offer guidance and advice as they adjust to the demands of law school, navigate the recruitment process and evaluate potential career options and strategies.  At a time in our history when it is reported that the Latino community is steadily increasing, while the number of Latinos applying and admitted into law schools is dropping, it is particularly important for those of us who have been blessed with successful careers to step up to the plate and nurture and encourage this valuable commodity (Latino law students) to continue their academic and professional pursuits.
I am mindful that we all have very demanding schedules.  Nevertheless, it is extremely important – in keeping with our mission statement – that we cultivate these students to ensure not only that they succeed, but that they are instilled with high standards of integrity, honor and professionalism.  I, therefore, urge you to join me in this endeavor by volunteering to serve as a mentor.  Kindly complete the attached application and return it to me by Thursday, September 29, 2011, at the e-mail or postal address provided on the application.  If you are unable to meet this deadline, please submit your application as close as possible to this date.  The more volunteers we receive, the more likely it is that we can achieve a mentor/mentee ratio of 1:1, thereby increasing the quality of the mentor/mentee relationship and the success of the program.
Thank you in advance for your willingness to support the HBA-NJ and this very important program.
Kind regards,

Louis Acevedo, Vice President
Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey



The Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey is constantly soliciting the help of experienced attorneys for our Mentorship Program. We recognize that as professionals you have very demanding schedules. However, we ask that you support this program by becoming a mentor, volunteering as a panelist for one of our panel discussions and workshops, and/or making financial contributions to the program.

Over the years our mentors have repeatedly told us how personally satisfying it was for them to work with young minority law students and how by doing so they were repaying all those who had taken the time to help them during their formative years. Our mentors, who like you, have successfully navigated the multitude of unique challenges faced by minority law students provide a continuing source of guidance, inspiration and encouragement to our future brother and sister attorneys.

Marilyn Coto-Juarez:

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