Seeking HBA Members That Are Interested In Serving on State Boards, Commission​s or In Executive Positions

The Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey (“HBA-NJ”) is collecting resumes of individuals who are interested in serving on boards, commissions, and executive positions.  Boards and commissions are designed to give citizens an active voice in their government and provide a means of influencing decisions that shape the quality of life for residents of New Jersey.  Boards and commissions also play a vital role in promoting efficient, effective and honest government.  Service on a board or commission is a great way to contribute to the State of New Jersey and our community, as well as an excellent way to enhance your resume, hone your expertise in a specific area, and network with similarly-minded individuals.  Serving also enables you to bring your unique experiences and perspectives to state government, thereby ensuring that all boards and commissions represent the racial and gender diversity of New Jersey. 
For many, serving on a board or commission is one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives.  There are a great number of boards and commissions to which the Governor and legislature make appointments to that deal with virtually all of the Departments for the State of New Jersey and public policy areas.  Some appointments are made by the Governor and require the advice and consent of the State Senate, while others are made by the direct appointment of the Governor, requiring no action by the Senate.  The HBA-NJ is able to assist our active and paid members navigate the process of being considered for a board and commission.  We welcome your participation in this process, and hope that you will take advantage of this membership benefit.    
If you are interested in obtaining an endorsement for a board, commission or an executive position, please submit your cover letter and resume to Arlene Quiñones Perez, Esq., Appointments Committee Chair, at We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Very truly yours,
/s/ Daniel Mateo
Daniel Mateo, Esq.
President, HBA-NJ


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