Mazzoni Center - Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Mazzoni Center

Job Title: Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Department: Administration 

Reports to: CEO 

Direct Reports: This person has no direct reports 

Employment Status: Full-time 

FLSA Status: Exempt 

Purpose of Role: 

Mazzoni Center is seeking a forward thinking and dynamic change agent who will be responsible for creating and advancing the organizational plan and strategic direction of the organization in the areas of diversity and inclusion, promotion, compensation, evaluation, support, mentoring, and staff training and development. The Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will lead Mazzoni Center's diversity and inclusion efforts, ensuring that the organization is attracting and retaining exemplary staff while also creating opportunities for growth and professional development. This individual will work with staff at all levels to develop and implement strategies to advance organizational change, foster a positive and inclusive work environment for everyone, and ensure that diversity and inclusion considerations are incorporated in the decision making processes. This individual will work closely with Mazzoni Center’s Human Resources team and must possess a commitment to Mazzoni’s mission, values, and culture, while having a deep appreciation for the evolving issues of concern to members of the LGBTQIA community. 

Minimum Entry Level Requirements (Ed/Cert/License): 

Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, Master’s or other advanced degree in a relevant field of study preferred; PRH/SPHR/SHRM certification and experience working in a union environment is a plus. 

Minimum Entry Level Requirements (Skills/Experience): 

 5-10 years leadership experience including work experience in the following areas (recruitment, human resources, professional development, diversity and inclusion, organizational development, supporting and leading major change initiatives). 

 Experience advancing an organizational culture into one of inclusivity, equity, and diversity in a large organization or nonprofit environment. The ideal candidate must be a committed advocate for the advancement of diversity with a strong background addressing issues of racial justice, ethnic and religious bias, gender and LGBTQ equity, disability rights, and other facets of social justice. 

 Knowledge of and significant experience in cultural competency skills development, and an ability to deliver training designed to enhance employee knowledge, skills, understanding, respect, and advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and in the community. 

 Ability to create and implement tools to enable managers, directors, and C-level positions to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies into their work and professional relationships with other staff members. 

 Must have experience in the following skills at a highly proficient level: data analysis, project management, interpersonal communication, consulting, facilitation, persuasion, and leadership. 

 Understanding of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws at the local, state, and federal levels. 

 Fluency in all Microsoft Office applications and generally strong technology skills. 

Primary Responsibilities: 

● Recognizes and addresses implicit bias, develops practices, policies, trainings and related materials to create a culture that embraces diversity at all levels, highlights the importance of maintaining a culturally sensitive work environment. 

● Improves organizational success in all staff functions through the lens of diversity, inclusion, and equity by implementing best practices, appropriate evaluation processes, and measuring organizational benchmarks. 

● Assesses and makes recommendations concerning internal equity and external competitiveness of the organization's compensation program. 

● Works with and supports the organization's diversity and inclusion committees, PRIDE (Mazzoni's Professionals for Respect, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity), and appropriate external entities to improve the agency's strength through diversity. 

● Ensures that the organization represents the populations served by Mazzoni Center and is reflective of the organization's mission and values. 

● Works with all departments to create and implement Departmental Action Plans reflective of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

● Works with staff and senior management team on collective bargaining issues to ensure that Diversity and Inclusion is incorporated into all negotiated agreements. 

● Reviews all job postings and descriptions to remove unnecessary requirements that may act as barriers to success for otherwise qualified applicants and develop skill sets of existing staff to facilitate internal advancement. 

● Develops and implements, in conjunction with senior management team, a Mazzoni Code of Ethics for all staff. 

● Establishes fair hiring procedures that are consistently applied across all departments to provide the agency with exemplary staff. 

● Creates processes, improves, and streamlines policies for internal advancement and hiring of managers and senior level positions. 

Critical Evaluation Functions: 

● Works with all levels of staff to implement performance management and skills training systems. 

● Facilitates communication, education, and training plans that increase awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion. 

● Provides training to managers to lead teams and departments effectively with regard to diversity and inclusion, including developing skills such as delivering critical feedback effectively, and meeting and monitoring team goals. 

● Gather and utilize information about current and existing employees’ views of the workplace through a variety of methods including surveys and focus groups and draft periodic reports reflecting data on focus groups. 

● Maximize accountability of organization’s leadership and employee engagement 

● Participate in budget discussions with the perspective of enhancing diversity and inclusion in the organization. 

● Consult and partner with Human Resources (HR) and staffing teams on recruitment and retention issues, including the development of external professional networks and internal affiliations that will position Mazzoni Center as an employer of choice. 

● Work with HR to assess and address all incidents of implicit bias and discrimination to ensure appropriate actions are taken. 

Core Competencies/Skills: 

● Ability to handle sensitive and confidential employment information 

● Strong judgement, decision-making capabilities, and problem-solving skills 

● Cultural competency in diversity, inclusion, and social justice issues 

● Excellent oral and written presentation skills with an emphasis on the ability to build strong interpersonal relationships at all levels of an organization 

● Ability to work interdepartmentally, particularly with the Development, Marketing, and Communications teams, on employment branding and marketing to maximize internal and external visibility of our commitment to diversity and inclusion 

Physical Demands: 

The position will require attendance at and participation in special events, conferences, trainings, and seminars and will require a commitment to working on nights and weekends when necessary. 

Submissions: Applications must include a detailed cover letter, a resume or CV, and responses to the following two questions in addition to the submission of a writing sample: 

Question #1 

Mazzoni Center is seeking a Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion who has the ability to create strategies and implement protocols which enable managers and directors to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into their work and professional relationships – this begins with staff recruitment and retention. Provide examples of strategies and protocols you have used (or would use) to ensure that job postings reach a diverse pool of qualified applicants and that the interviewing, hiring, promotion, and advancement process is inclusive and free of implicit bias. 

Question #2 

The Director’s role includes a number of essential activities including gathering and utilizing information about current employees’ views of the workplace through a variety of methods. Using your own work only, please share with the committee the following synopsis of how you would attempt this effort. In no more than 800 words: 

1. Share your philosophy and methodology of collecting feedback from employees; 

2. Describe the primary goals you establish for collecting feedback and why these are your priorities; 

3. Detail which method(s) you would choose to use to collect employee feedback and why; 

4. Explain how you would analyze the data and make sense of the findings; 

5. What method(s) would you use to communicate findings to management? To staff? 


6. Provide examples of the most useful findings you have seen in gathering employee feedback in your career and how you proposed and/or made changes in workplace culture as a result. 

Writing Sample: 

Please provide a published Op-Ed, professional article, research summary, or policy initiative related to the field of diversity, inclusion, and equity, limited to a maximum of 1500 words. 

Mazzoni Center welcomes applications from candidates reflective of diversity of experience, background and/or service, and a dedicated commitment to our mission. 

Salary Range: $85,000 to $100,000 depending upon demonstrated level of experience 

References: Upon Request. 

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