Sexual Assault Coordinator - Westchester Hispanic Coalition: Enough is Enough Campus

18 Mar 2016 1:57 PM | Anonymous

The Coordinator is responsible for developing an initiative that addresses
improved coordination between the Westchester Hispanic Coalition's rape
crisis center and campus personnel, local law enforcement, and county
prosecutors to allow for a coordinated response to sexual violence,
including sexual violence prevention, on college campuses. Position will
be an integral member and coordinate efforts with the Westchester Hispanic
Coalition's team including the existing rape crisis center, the Family Law
Department and the Immigration Legal Services Department.

Preferred Qualifications: BA and/or 3/5 years of relevant experience.
Skills in training and team building. Strong communication, organizational
and writing skills in both Spanish and English. Demonstrated commitment to
immigrant rights, ending sexual violence, and other social justice issues.

Specific Duties:
Identify and Implement Best Practices: research existing best practices or
tools regarding campus sexual assault, from post-assault response to
sexual violence primary prevention, to support development or enhancement
of policies and practices in Westchester.

Outreach and Collaboration:
Outreach to colleges/universities in Westchester to create partnerships to
address sexual violence on campus.

Plan, convene, facilitate, and/or attend meetings to develop
collaborations to address campus sexual assault.

Create a local/regional plan and establish a local consortium consisting
of representatives from colleges, universities, rape crisis programs,
county prosecutors, law enforcement community agencies, Sexual Assault
Nurse Examiners, and any additional disciplines/ organizations that
support a coordinated response to campus sexual violence; coordinate and
facilitate meetings and communications with the county consortium.

Create an advisory group and/or community groups for feedback on sexual
violence on campus


Provide 24-hr access to crisis intervention services, accompany victims to
medical facilities for sexual assault forensic exams, in-person and
telephone crisis counseling, advocacy on behalf of victims, counseling,
support groups and referrals to other needed services

Work with Rape Crisis Center at the Westchester Hispanic Coalition to
provide services to victims including but not limited to advocacy,
counseling, medical svcs. info about STIs, HIV, emergency contraception,
sexual assault forensic exams and reimbursement through the NYS Office of
Victims Services. Coordinate accompaniment with Rape Crisis Services at
WHC to assist and advise victims throughout the judicial or conduct
process including during all meetings and hearings related to the process

Education and Training:
Undertake training or awareness efforts to combat domestic violence,
dating violence, stalking or sexual assault

Deliver, or assist in the delivery of, a comprehensive student onboarding
and ongoing education campaign to educate members of the institution's
community about domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual

Assist colleges/universities to develop and implement multiple methods to
educate students about violence prevention and share information on
domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual assault with
parents of enrolling students. Provide to all students general and
specific training in domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and
sexual assault. Training includes international students, students who are
also employees, leaders and officers of registered or recognized student
organizations, and online and distance education students and student

Other Duties:
Complete and Accurate Record keeping required reports..

Perform other duties as assigned by the Deputy Director

How to apply:
Please send your resume and cover letter to<>