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The Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey Condemns Anti-Semitic Racism, Hate, and Violence, and Stands in Solidarity with the Jewish Community.

29 Jul 2021 10:23 AM | Reynold Lambert


The Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey (HBA-NJ) strongly condemns the growing anti-Semitic racism, hate, and violence sweeping our nation.   Violent attacks against Jewish people, businesses, synagogues, and temples based on their faith and religion are increasing at alarming rates and have resulted in senseless murders and injuries in our very own, beloved State of New Jersey, the Metropolitan New York area, and across the nation. Anti-Semitism has been ignored for far too long and we cannot be silent. We urge local, state, and federal governments, as well as community, civic, religious, political, and corporate leaders, to take a stance and demonstrate a unified front against anti-Semitism.  These senseless attacks must come to end.

As stated by HBA-NJ President, Reynold Lambert: “Anti-Semitism has no place in our society, and willful ignorance and silence is entirely unacceptable.  Many of our HBA-NJ members, colleagues, friends, and family members are members of the Jewish community and they need our support.  Hate crimes against any community based on race, religion, or otherwise will not end until we unequivocally take a stance in solidarity and reject all forms of discrimination and hatred.  History has shown us that anti-Semitic attacks tend to grow infectiously, and the recent increase we are seeing in our local area and throughout the nation is alarming, outrageous, and downright shameful.  Silence is no longer an option.  There must be zero tolerance for any form of racism or bigotry, and the HBA-NJ calls on its members, local communities, and all governments to take a part in ending anti-Semitism.  We urge everyone to become educated on the issues, learn the history, engage in dialogue, and stand up and fight for what is right, what is just, and what is morally and ethically necessary.


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